Who We Are

FRIENDS is a group of parents with preschool to adult age children who have been affected by barriers to learning and reaching their full academic potential.

We are parents paying it forward by building a strong community to enhance kids first in education.

What We Know

Kids who struggle with reading, writing, math, anxiety, organization, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, sensory issues, Autism, and other unique circumstance need help. But it’s not always easy to find.

Why We’re Here

Many of us have been through the process and have years of experience navigating the Birmingham Public School District. We are a safe, judgment-free, place where families can talk about their concerns about their child’s challenges. We offer support and guidance to help you figure out:

  • Why does my child struggle?
  • How/Who/What to do to support a more beneficial learning environment?
  • How/Who/Where to go for an assessment?
  • How/Who/Where to find help?