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May 5, 2022

Transition/ Personal Curriculum –  Ms. April Imperio, BPS Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Inclusion

June 2, 2022

Planning Session for 22/23 School Year

2021-22 School Year

December 2021

How to Communicate with Our Children After the Oxford Tragedy

February 2022

Executive Functioning Coach Brenda Mann

March 2022

Michigan Alliance for Families – Overview of Services

April 2022

Neurological Nexus: Screen Addiction in Different Learners

May 2022

Student Learning & Inclusion Update with April Imperio

June 2022

Planning Session for 22/23 School Year

2020-21 School Year

December 2020

Factors that Influence Brain Development in Children

January 2021

Through High School and Beyond Career & Technical Training

February 2021

Police Interaction at School

March 2021

Life Planning for a Child with Special Needs

April 2021

ADHD & Executive Function: Practical Strategies to Help with Learning at Home

May 2021

Literacy: A Parent’s Guide