DAW Info

Thank you for volunteering to help at the Disability Awareness Workshop at your school!  The Building Coordinator for your school has sent you information specific to your school about the day, time, the job you are assigned to work, and the location of the workshop within your school.

Please read the volunteer instructions and watch the 15–20 minute video for the job you have been assigned.

  • Additional information about the disability-related to your volunteer job assignment is also provided to help you make the workshop experience more valuable for the students.
  • You don’t need to memorize the information!  There will not be a test!  The volunteer instructions and disability information sheets are also available at the station you have been assigned to work so you can review them on the day of the workshop if you need to.
  • Feel free to read any and all of the information provided on this website about disability but it is only necessary to read the information directly pertaining to the area of disability you have been assigned to work.
  • The main emphasis of this workshop is to help students become more aware of the challenges of daily living for individuals with disabilities.  We want the children to remember that people should be respected no matter how they may look, act, walk, or talk.  Everyone has feelings.  No one with a disability wants to have someone feel sorry for him/her.  The students must realize that disabled people have abilities, too.  We must focus on those abilities and not on limitations.  We are all different in very special ways.
  • We encourage hands-on interaction at all of the stations.  However, please remind the students that these items are not toys and are used daily by many individuals.  Each teacher will have given the students this information before they attend.
  •  There is a lot of equipment!  Each individual child may not be able to see/touch/try every item in the workshop but every child will be able to experience at least one activity at each station.  For example, there are 4 different activities to learn and create Braille letters.  One child may not have time to try all 4 different Braille letter activities but 4 children can try one activity each so that every child has an opportunity to learn and create Braille letters.  There are enough activities so that all the students can participate in an activity at the same time, they don’t have to wait in line, and they are not bored.
  • It is very common that you will be overwhelmed during the first rotation of students and the first group will not get through the entire station but rest assured that your timing and speed will improve with each group so that by the last group you will have it down to a fine-tuned machine.
  • Wear comfortable clothing!  Depending on your assignment you may be very active or go outside with your group.
  • At the end of the workshop please help pack the equipment into the labeled crates located under the tables.
  • If you have any questions or cancellations, please contact the building coordinator at your school.

Thank you for volunteering!  Your help is greatly appreciated!